May 9, 2017

Intel AMT Processor Technology

AMT Security Flaw

For novices like us you have to be cautious for the Processor with "V" nomenclature e.g. Intel v i7,v i5, or with newer motherboard with AMT label. This is for the current release version but I am pretty sure that Intel would correct their design flaw ( which by the way is on silicon) in their next release.

April 22, 2017

Neffos by TPLink

Neffos X1Max (Premium model) by TPLink with MTK P10 Helios CPU.

It seems that everybody is getting onboard the smartphone wagon but do not see Neffos being a giant killer anytime in the near future.

March 24, 2017


Have to refocus on a new Motorola brand since it is in the same Lenovo stable but this is going to get technical since it is supporting Qualcomm SoC. As you aware it is boot locked and the rooting pricess is not advisable for newbies to Android.

February 16, 2017

ALCATEL PIXI 4 5" and 7 inch MTK SoC only

A basic phone with for selfies junkie basic camera specs but with front flash but very low storage space can be rooted easily and here provided TWRP for rooting and modding purposes.
2 Models : 5010D 3G and 5045D LTE

A low priced basic phablet with 3G basic storage and poor camera specs with no flash, can be used as daily phone if you dont do selfies!
TWRP for rooting and modifications is available. You need to root this to enable you to do modifications on every Google Apps update to save space if not you will run out of space very quickly and even if you want to gift this to your kids they will soon complain that they cant download any games because the storage will soon be full.