December 27, 2016



This one of reason I didnt want to waste my time modding ROMS based on CM or publicised the use of CM ROMs. I have never touched CM ROMs since the days of Android 2.2. about 7 years ago. now CM has announce that it will stop any future development of CM ROMs immediately.

I guess the financial returns is not there or the owners is taking a core group of his developer and be acquired by a phone company. Either way or nothing at all there will not be anymore CM ROMS. 
Good riddance as far as I am concern, although I know there are users who sweras by CM ROMs but I have always held on to the view that none of the CM ROMs works at 100% as per expected, the best I would say is 99%. It is not that the OEM ROM is any better or worst. But I would try to avoid any further anomalies on my devices. I want to enjoy the device instead of finding unknown bugs every now and then on my CM powered devices