January 29, 2018

Win 10 Polaris Light Weight Core

Win10 is rumoured to be given an overhaul to replace most legacy 32 bit components. The new OS is dubbed Polaris which is loosely based on Win10 Mobile OS.

December 26, 2017

Gigabyte Z370 Mobo

The Z370 platform is exclusively built to support Intel Coffee Lake CPUs meaning that while we can expect later CPU launches to feature support on the current platform, all CPUs that came before will not work on the new motherboards. This is an LGA 1151 socket motherboard

September 21, 2017

AMD Ryzen

I am an Intel man through and through, having worked there since the 8086/8088 till 80486 generation. I would never betray my alma matta. During those early years building your own PC was the only way to go since most PC brands comes preconfigured for price performance compromise and hardware.
My son builds his own PC based on AMD processor (dont ask me for the version, I never bothered) because it is cheaper since he was student and it stuck to him as an AMD guy. Out of curiosity I am covering this new AMD Ryzen processor since it has received rave review from hardliners both side of the corridors. 

The Threadripper version

August 23, 2017

Android Oreo (8.0)

Early birds official release full Android features detail.

                                                      This is Android 8.0 - Oreo

August 19, 2017

Intel 8th Gen i7 processor announced

Intel Provides Partners Preliminary 8th Gen Desktop Details: Core i7-8700K to Core i3-8100

August 18, 2017

Win10 Updates release version 1703

My PC just had a very bad crash cant recover even from backup drive since it doesnt even allow to access my Lenovo One Key recovery partition. So have to reinstall from scratch no big deal except for time to kill.
I use my original Win10 Pro CD (pre-1502 release version), no issue there, it immediately upgraded to an intermediate version after successful install which I didnt notice since I am reinstalling my 3rd party apps took about 3 hours by which time I need to reboot and found "upgrade and reboot"? option in my selection. That done and its time to reactivate all the apps and to reinstall my MS Office 2016 and other 3rd party apps. that took me another 3 hours of checking and purging the drives of the 30Gb "Windows.old" folder.
So now I am back on my repaired Win10 PC writing this article. 
(After the repair I did a check up and found that there are some "bad clusters/sectors" somewhere close to my boot sector, that was causing my repair/restore over the past 3 months, so it looks like I have to wipe my HDD and reinstall again in the very near future).

Now my Win10 is running version 1703 and I notice there are new apps installed and the anticipated "Photo" upgrade version.

There is a new preinstall App "Paint 3D" and possibility a favorite of mine "PicArts" (I intended to install later but it was already installed)

The "Photo" version was the latest that has many editing features and link to OneDrive Cloud with Gallery options. (announced in early 2017)
 Upgraded to version - 2017.35071.13510.0

It is no longer a dumb picture viewer with limited editing options.

Another worthy mention is the "3D Viewer"
(I am no graphic genius! The picture is really a 3D rendering turning 360deg on its axis)

Another upgraded app is the "One Note". I have never touch or bother to use OneNote but maybe from this version on I might. My advise is to not install or uninstall the OneNote from your MS Office application and use the one preinstalled in the Win10 -1703

And I am pretty sure theres a lot lot of improvements "under the hood" that we dont see. But it is much stable from the first release Win10 (prior to version 1502) which tends to screw up every other PC after every update then the "millenial" version (1502) was released  and it was 95% stable and kept improving after that.I dont understand the resistance to some people are having about Win10.I was using the IBM DOS 1.0 to Ms DOS 1.2 through all the Windows version 3.xx, XP, Vista, ME, Win95, Win98, Win7, Win 8.xx, and I find Win10 to be the least worrisome (after MS have iron out a few hic cups).
Long live Win10!